Big Town Review

FLAVOURS😍 I would describe Big Town as a Naija version of Nandos in terms of the vibe (background Afrobeats & casual setting). ⁣

The Suya meat was well seasoned & jollof rice w/ grilled prawns super flavourful🍤 The plantain was prime sweet ripeness & the corn was the juiciest I’ve ever had💦 the salad also brought a nice freshness & balance. ⁣

Big Town is perfect for when you want a fulfilling flavoursome meal without breaking the bank💰⁣
Tip: ask for the homemade chilli for that extra kick🌶⁣

Big Town

📸 Instagram: @officialbigtown ⁣

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📍 Location: 302 Walworth Rd, Walworth, London SE17 2TE