About Us

BlackEatsLDN has a mission to break down barriers for Black-owned businesses. The purpose-led platform launched in August 2020 in response to a clear lack of spotlight of Black-owned restaurants in mainstream media.

Through helpful resources, exciting events, and expert consultancy services, BlackEatsLDN works to fill this gap by celebrating and showcasing the best in Black-owned hospitality businesses across the UK. This is a space for Black-owned businesses to feel seen and for all types of foodies to explore the incredible food cultures on offer in our communities. 

What We Do

Home of the UK’s first and only Black-owned restaurant directory

We’ve made a user-friendly database to help you search for Black-owned restaurants in your area. Users can view listings by location and can refine their search based on filters such as type of cuisine, accessibility, dietary requirements, and more. 

The directory can be used on all devices so you can even search for restaurants on the go. Check out the Eats Directory here

A hub of food culture and upcoming events

With a focus on bringing you the top stories and the latest news on all things Black food and culture, BlackEatsLDN’s Instagram platform is a one-stop shop for restaurant reviews, announcements, and updates on events and opportunities near you. We’ve also created some guides with restaurant recommendations for specific cuisines and occasions. 

Host of Black-Owned Hackney

In May 2021, BlackEatsLDN launched Black-Owned Hackney in collaboration with Bohemia Place Market. This vibrant market brought 60 of the best Black-owned businesses together on each day of the event for an experience in street food, cocktails, skincare, clothing, and so much more. We hosted over 50 days of Black-Owned Hackney events, showcasing 500+ different businesses to over 200,000 patrons.

To learn more about our events, click here.

Our consultancy services

BlackEatsLDN is all about sharing knowledge to support and empower Black-owned businesses. We’ve recently started offering services to assist with photography, content creation, advertising and more. Our services also include diversity consulting and corporate workshops for companies seeking to connect with Black-owned business owners and restaurants.

A full list of our services can be found here