Client Feedback

Westminster Academy

“Thank you so much to Black Eats LDN for their session with our #IBCP (International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme) Business students. Jackson’s insights were invaluable in helping them connect their learning to a real-life context & gain a deeper understanding of the skills & responsibilities associated with event organising.”

Westminster Academy

Enterprise Nation

“Working with Black eats LDN was a dream, the team were super quick to respond and delivered great results for us. The work they are doing is so important and it was a pleasure to work with them.”

Enterprise Nation

Buster Mantis

“Black Eats LDN is a vital and unrivalled source for highlighting and promoting black-owned hospitality businesses, especially in post-pandemic times, a period which hit our industry so hard.

Being featured on their site immediately exposed us to a whole new audience, and it was noticeable from the very next week, as many people came through our doors announcing that they had just seen us online, having had no idea we existed before.

The Black Eats LDN team was friendly, didn’t ask for anything in return for their help, and simply did what they set out to do: support our existence as a black food business.

A resource like this is invaluable and important, and long may it succeed. Thank you, guys.”

Buster Mantis

Roger’s Kitchen

“Black Eats LDN have been fantastic to work with. Apart from being friendly and professional, they have also been incredibly supportive.

We saw a significant upsurge in traffic on our social media sites when they posted about our restaurant and this has translated into real-life customers. Some of the customers who subsequently came through our door (some quite notable!) then went on to tweet or post about the great experience they had at our restaurant.

Black Eats LDN is a great initiative as it is a way of knowing the people behind your food and where your money is going. It is also great for discovering and promoting smaller, independent restaurants who do not have huge budgets for advertising but who do have great food!

With the current spotlight on black-owned businesses, working with Black Eats LDN has helped us to connect with a new audience and has been invaluable in helping us to grow our business. Black Eats LDN we salute you!”

Rogers Kitchen

Patty Box Co

“Where do I begin, when I talk about Black Eats LDN, a platform that supports small business. For a new company trying to find its way into the world of food, it was scary but exciting, Jackson’s words and advice have been encouraging, supporting and knowledgable. Especially as many know thereโ€™s is always teething problems, but he helped connect us with the right people and behind scene supported us to make the right decisions for our company. 

Our patties exposure has grown since they did a review for us and our client reach tripled. Having an honest platform, to the point and informative is definitely why I support. For our community to come together to showcase excellence is a wonderful thing and Black Eats LDN is doing that. Keep up the great work and continue being you. 

To summarise Black Eats LDN in three words is difficult but I would say Excellence, Quality, Supportive”

Patty Box Co

Likkle Dutch Pot

“Massive shout out to Black Eats LDN. Words cannot describe how much they have helped the social following and weekly orders grow at LikkleDutchPot. We grew from 1k to 2k followers in the space of 5 days, Black Eats LDN always connect the dots.

LikkleDutchPot has benefitted from Black Eats LDN’s directory. With over 300 Black-owned restaurants on their books, this has formed a big community and connected us to other restaurant’s owners.

Anyone looking for an honest food review and to grow their online presence, check out our Black Eats LDN !!!”

Likkle Dutch Pot

Nutrition Kingz

โ€œOut of all the partnerships we’ve had, Black Eats LDN has by far been the most rewarding for us.

As a new business trying to find our voice in the world of Exotic Fruit, working with Black Eats LDN gave us a platform to not only gain sales but also contributed to engagement, followers, words of encouragement and the best of all, messages letting us know that we brought back childhood memories from back home.

From either looking at our page or tasting one of the wide varieties of Exotic Fruits all of them ended with the phrase, “I’m so glad we found you on Black Eats LDN”. That’s when we knew that we had an encountered something remarkable, Black Eats LDN!

The platform that Black Eats LDN has created to put black-owned food businesses on the map around the country is by far the best!”

Nutrition Kingz

Big Town

“We came across Black Eats LDN and their directory back in August 2020. After a few exchanges, we had the pleasure of being the first restaurant reviewed on their Instagram page.

Following the review, we saw an increase in Instagram interactions, DMs inquiring about the restaurant, and increased table bookings. We also saw a sudden surge in the number of food bloggers that also wanted to collaborate with us.

We found working with Black Eats LDN very easy. They are diligent and professional, and you can sense the passion and pride in their work and what they are trying to achieve with the black community.

Black Eats LDN emergence was timely and purposeful. We have watched with interest how they have grown, and how they have used the power of networking to build a really strong platform for customers and black-owned businesses.

For customers, they connect the dots and simplify the experience of finding black-owned food and drinks businesses.

For businesses like ours, I see them as worthy champions for our sector. They are doing what they enjoy – No strings, just pure collaboration and the creation of opportunities for restaurants to gain better exposure.”

Big Town

Yum Puff Treats

“Black Eats London is actually the truth. Such a quality and real brand! It was a pleasure to connect with them, the support was beautiful.

YumPuffTreats is a small business (a one-woman band for now), so the opportunities we got from collaborating with Black Eats LDN was beyond our expectations. The detail, care, precision and time crafted for our review was honest and true and what we loved most about them.

Black Eats LDN feels like family, the number of people we have connected with through orders and coming down from far to support us at pop-up events from hearing about us through this platform has been amazing. THANK YOU and THANK YOU – The love warmed our hearts.

The importance of Black Eats LDN is HIGH! We need a platform like thiS, a safe place of quality black goods. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place. If you havenโ€™t already then FOLLOW THEM UP. SUPPORT THEM AND SHARE THE VIBE.”

Yum Puff Treats

Indie Roots

“Working with BlackEatsLDN has definitely been a very rewarding collaboration for us. The moment they posted their review we saw a direct increase in social media traffic and interaction and even led to customers showing up because of it the next day.

As theyโ€™re targeting businesses all over London naturally their following is also from all over and really does put a spotlight on your business from many angles.

Jackson and his team have created a great initiative that I can see will have a very big impact on the black-owned food industry.

The support theyโ€™ve shown us has been real and theyโ€™re welcome in Indie Roots any time๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ Hopefully weโ€™ll be opening a second location soon so weโ€™ll see you then! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ”

Indie Roots